World Environment Day 2018: Take a Pledge to Beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day 2018: Take a pledge to Beat Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has become a serious issue. Since the last decade, it has affected the lives of human being badly. It is one of the destructive environmental challenges that not only affect human beings but also the natural resources. Plastic is made up of many toxic components that have the capability to cause serious harm to nature as well as the human being. It has become the most popular material used in our daily life. Plastic is almost everywhere and plastic pollution is increasing at an alarming rate. People discarded plastic. Globally, approx. 70,000 tons of plastic is discarded in oceans.

Causes of plastic pollution

The main cause of plastic pollution is human beings who manufactured it and used it extensively in our daily life. Without even knowing the disposal method and recycling method, people dispose of plastic material in landfills, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. Below mentioned are the main causes of increasing level of plastic pollution:

Overuse of plastic

Plastic is overused as it is inexpensive. Once it is used people usually throw away plastic as it will be easily available the next time they need it. This results in increased pollution in lands and oceans. When plastic is disposed of it takes more than 100 years to decompose and their continuous presence leads to a number of problems as a result of the many harmful toxins present in it.

Reckless Disposal

Poor plastic disposal is the main cause of plastic pollution. Plastics are the most disposed items as they are lightweight and used for a short period of time. Many people are very careless in disposing of the plastic material that causes many serious issues. Once the plastic is used people throw that into landfills. Every year plastic ends up in littering the environment. When it becomes litter, plastic finds their way to waterbodies and pollutes the oceans, rivers, and lakes. When this litter is burned many toxins are released into the air causing air pollution.

Industrialization and population growth

With the increasing industrialization and population growth, the demand for cheap and easily available material has increased. Every year almost 500 billion plastic bags are used globally.

Causes of Plastic Pollution

Effects of plastic pollution

Plastic pollution has many serious effects on humans, animals, plants, and marine life. Some of the effects of plastic pollution are mentioned below.

Affects human life and health

Plastic is made of petrochemicals which are not good for our health and cause different health issues. When plastic is disposed into water it releases many toxins that cause poisoning and serious diseases such as cancer. Small children can also ingest plastic that has been discarded carelessly, which can cause choking and even death.

Disrupts marine life

Aquatic life also gets disrupted by the effects of plastic pollution. The plastic that reaches the waterways is very harmful to the marine life. Plastics prove fatal for marine life as it can lead to choking. Commercial fishing nets also pollute the water bodies and affect the marine life as it releases toxins into the water.

Disturbs the drainage systems

Plastic also disrupts free flowing drainage system, the presence of plastic cause blockage and effects the flow of waste material. The clogging caused by plastic can be the host of many bacterial diseases. It also can air to get polluted because of the small decomposing material present in the drainage system. During rainy season blocked drainage system can many serious health issues.

How to prevent plastic pollution

Since we are the main cause of plastic pollution it’s our duty to stop it by following necessary steps in order to improve this condition. Here are some steps you should follow to prevent plastic pollution:

  • The best way to beat plastic pollution is to minimize the use of plastic in your daily life. Instead of plastic bags, you can buy jute bag or paper bag for shopping and other purposes.
  • Make sure the items you buy are non-plastic and reusable.
  • Avoid using plastic containers and utensils. Opt for reusable containers that will not pollute the environment.
  • The plastic that cannot be reused can be recycled and make sure it doesn’t affect the environment.
  • Make sure you avoid improper disposal of plastic material into water
  • Stop using plastic water bottles. Install a decent water purifier in your home.
  • Avoid bringing plastic bags to your home and buying products with too much of packaging.

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From last decade plastic pollution has increased a lot and affects almost every human being. It is highly important that we all contribute a little bit to improve this condition for a better tomorrow. By following the necessary measures to avoid plastic pollution you can contribute to a healthy environment. Since human is the biggest cause of spreading this pollution, it’s time for us to take a pledge to beat plastic pollution.


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