Top 3 Best RO+UV+UF+TDS Water purifier in India

Top 3 Best RO+UV+UF+TDS water purifier in India

Are you looking for water purifier for home? Choosing the best water purifier for a family is not an easy task. As water sources are getting polluted day by day with many harmful diseases causing impurities like microorganism, chemicals, heavy metals etc. The methods of treatment of water in a residential area or municipal supply are also not capable of removing all the impurities completely from the drinking water. Therefore it has become a necessity to purify the water with the help of decent water purification unit in the home.

Since there are lots of impurities enters in the source of drinking water, so a single water purification process is not sufficient for removing all the impurities. Therefore multi-stage water purifier is used to remove the contaminants and gives pure drinking water. The combination of purification processes of RO-UV-UF delivers 100% pure and safe water. RO process is used to remove all the dissolved impurities such as heavy metals and other dissolved salts. All the harmful micro-organism are killed with the help of UV lamp. UF membrane is used to remove microorganisms and other impurities.

Before this carbon filters and sediment filters are used to filter out the suspended chemicals and chlorine to enhance the life of the RO membrane. Post carbon filters are also used in the water purifier to give the final touch to the purified water if there are any foul smell and taste in the drinking water, it gets removed with the help of the post-carbon filters. To maintain the natural essential minerals of drinking water that washed away during the RO process, TDS controller is used.

List of Top 3 RO-UV-UF Water Purifier in India

Let us explore the specification and features of the best RO+UV+UF+TDS water purifier in India:


Kent Supreme

Kent supreme RO-UV-UF water purifier
Kent supreme – Less Water Wastage RO-UV-UF water purifier

Kent supreme is the best RO-UV-UF water purifier with “Save Water Technology“. In fact, it is World’s First Less Water Wastage RO. It comes with the dual storage tank for purified water and rejected water each tank has a storage capacity of 9 litres. You can utilize the rejected water for different purposes like cleaning, mopping, washing your vehicle etc. This water purifier can purify every source of water delivers safe and healthy drinking water that is free from contaminants. The amazing water purifier is decked with many hi-tech features such as auto-Off and Auto-on, Filter change & UV fail alarm and many others. Kent Supreme has also received many certifications from the renowned labs of the world such NSF and WQA for its performance and quality.

Some Specification of Kent Supreme RO water purifier

  • Zero water wastage technology
  • Dual storage tank of 9 litres each
  • High water recovery rate
  • 11 watts high power UV lamp
  • Computer controlled operations
  • Auto-On and auto Off functions
  • Inbuilt auto flushing system that improves the life of the membrane
  • Spin-welded RO membrane to prevent breakage
  • Non-toxic food grade ABS plastic body


The water purifier is perfect in terms of design, technology, and performance, this what customers have reviewed. The purification technology and the rejected tank are is the ultimate points that made the purifier stand high amongst its competitors. People have mainly complained about the bulky design and some stated about the high price. But I would say, keeping in mind about the high standard technical, the price is affordable. Besides, if you check the product online, I am sure you can find promo codes and even some of the online stores offer discounted rates as well.

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Aquaguard Geneus plus RO Water Purifier

Aquaguard geneus Plus RO water purifier
Aquaguard geneus Plus RO water purifier

Aquaguard Geneus plus is a nice water purifier that offers RO-UV-UF water purification process to provide pure drinking water. It automatically detects the quality of the water and does the purification according to that quality of the water. With its auto mineral modulator, you can set taste of the drinking water as you want. The LED indicator on the front panel of the water purifier displays the water level of the storage tank, filter life and any faults in the water purifier. This RO water purifier looks good and comes with wall mountable and countertop design so that you can install it as per your convenience.  The storage capacity of this water purifier is quite low.

Specification of Aquaguard Geneus plus

  • G technology that automatically detects water source and does purification
  • Wall mounted and countertop installation
  • 7 Litre storage capacity
  • Advanced mineral cartridge
  • Auto mineral modulator
  • Reserve mode
  • LED display
  • Water level sensor


After checking the technical specifications, I can say that the product is good on its terms and it has all the required features. The customers have stated that the model is nice, but they sometimes feel the plastic smell while drinking water. Though the model is good, people are not that much satisfied with it some stated about it the higher price, some about its servicing. A total of 3.9-star ratings is what this model has achieved.

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Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier

Livpure Smart Touch RO water Purifier
Livpure Smart Touch RO water Purifier

Livpure smart touch water purifier is made up of non-toxic engineering plastic that keeps the water free from the bacteria when stored for the long duration of time. The design of the water purifier looks good and can be mounted on the wall that spares the extra counter space of your kitchen. When it comes to the smart feature Livpure smart touch is not actually that smart because as a smart feature it can only connect to the smartphone app via Bluetooth there are not any other smart feature in this water purifier. It also has smart water dispensing technology that can be enabled with a single touch.

Specification of Livpure Smart Touch Water Purifier

  • 8.5 Storage capacity
  • Smart water dispensing options
  • Advanced filter change indicators
  • Mineralizer to add necessary minerals to drinking water
  • Anti-scalant cartridge that helps in enhancing the life of the membrane
  • Taste enhancer to remove odor-causing chemicals from the drinking water


The product has all the necessary technical features, but it is the design that is not up to the mark. Besides, people have also shared their bad experience with the installation, technical default and about the app that doesn’t work properly. It has earned an average of 3.1 star rating from its customers.

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All the above mentioned water purifiers are good in their own aspect. They have their own pros and corns, so if you are looking for the best RO water purifiers, then do consider stringently checking the above-mentioned water purifiers. You can avail discounted price of the water purifier buying from some online stores. Bring the best water purifier to your home and protect your family from the harmful water-borne diseases.



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