Top 3 Best Water Purifier Companies in India 2017

Top 3 Water Purifier Companies in India

Today, water purifiers have become the basic requirement in every home. Since contamination in water are present in a high level that we cannot even think of drinking it without getting it purified.  The growing pollution in India has necessitated every individual to have a water purifier in their home. By understanding the need of water purifiers, many water purifier companies have launched different types of water purifiers such as gravity water purifier and RO water purifier.

Globally, more than one billion people have the lack of access to safe drinking water mostly in developing countries including India. It is reported that groundwater in one-third of India’s 600 districts is not suitable for drinking because the concentration of iron, fluoride, arsenic and salinity exceeds the tolerance limit.  As the people are becoming more conscious about the health risk of drinking polluted water, the demand of water purifiers in increasing rapidly. Therefore water purifier industry has witnessed high growth and is expected to have more growth in upcoming years.

Many water purifier companies have launched different technologies to purify the drinking water such as UV technology, RO technology, and UF technology. You can choose any water purifier depending upon the quality of your water supply.

 List of Top 3 Water Purifier Companies in India

Water purifier companies are constantly launching products to meet the demand of water purifiers.  Today we have water purifiers for every segment depending upon the consumption such as commercial, industrial and household. Here we have listed the top 3 water purifier companies in India that offers excellent water purification system for drinking water.


kent - Best Water purifier company in India
Image Courtesy-Kent

Kent RO system is the best water purifier company in India that has gained the trust of million customers for offering excellent water purifiers to deliver safe drinking water. Kent has a wide range of products depending upon your budget and the level of impurities in water. It has all type of water purifiers such as UV water purifier, gravity water purifier, and RO water purifiers.  Kent uses its patented Mineral RO technology of double purification by RO+UV+UF that makes the drinking water safe to drink. The RO water purifier of KENT comes with inbuilt TDS controller that maintains the required mineral traces in water and provide 100% pure and healthy water.

Kent water purifier is the leading water purifier company in India. The certification and awards received by Kent prove that its water purifiers has been thoroughly tried and tested by many well-known testing organization and receives the certification for its quality and performance. Kent water purifiers are certified by NSF and WQA which is considered as one of the best certification received by any water purifier brand. This year at UNESCO water digest awards Kent has won the award of best domestic water purifier for it is newly launched smart RO, Kent Superb RO water purifier. Some of the bestselling water purifiers of Kent are Kent Grand Plus, Kent Pearl, Kent Superb, Kent Maxx, Kent gold Optima and Kent Ultra.

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Eureka Forbes

Eureka fobres - Aquagaurd - Top 3 Water purifier brands
Eureka fobres – Aquagaurd Water Purifiers

Eureka Forbes is also a well-known water purifier manufacturer in India that offer a wide range of water purifiers. Aquaguard and Aquasure are the two main water purifier brands from Eureka Forbes. Aquaguard mainly focuses on electric water purifier that uses the water purification technologies of RO and UV. Whereas Aquasure usually focused on non-electric water purifier such as gravity water purifier.  Its RO water purifier uses the Mineral Guard technology for the purification of water. Though water purifiers from Eureka Forbes offer good purification, still many customers also face bad customer support from the company side.

After sales of water purifiers is very important factor to be considered as the water purifier needs to get serviced after every 5-6 months for its optimum performance. The bestselling water purifiers from Eureka Forbes are Aquaguard Geneus, Aquaguard Magna, and Aquasure Shakti.

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Pureit - Top 3 Water purifiers manufacturer
Image courtesy-India Mart

This company is a venture of Hindustan Unilever and one of the known water purifiers manufacturer in India. This water purifier company was founded in 2008 and headquarter located at Mumbai. Pureit has a wide range of RO water purifier, UV water purifier, and gravity water purifier. Its RO water purifier uses the water purification process of RO+UV to purify the drinking water. All the water purifiers from Pureit comes with the germkill kit and alert system that notifies about the expiry time of the water purifiers.

However the maintenance of Pureit water purifier is quite expensive and the germkill kit needs to be replaced after few months. The most selling water purifier of Pureit are Pureit Marvella, Pureit Advanced, and Pureit Ultima

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Last few words

All the three water purifier companies i.e. Kent, Aquagaurd and Pureit are well known for their performance in water purifier industry. You can easily buy these water purifier in the leading online stores within the same warranty of the company.

Water purifiers are now become our basic need to get the pure drinking water which is essential for good health. Only 1% of earth water is fresh and suitable for drinking which is being continuously polluting by all of us. Human is the main reason for this contamination. Everyone is aware of the damage that we are causing to nature and we don’t realize it until we face its consequences. We must know about the amazing health benefits of drinking water and try not to pollute such precious gift of nature.

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