Top 3 Best Water Purifier To Buy This Season

Top 3 best water purifier 2017 in India

Drinking pure water is the basic need of every human being, but unfortunately, it is not possible that we get pure water supply. Water that is supplied to your home might contain harmful impurities that can be dangerous for health. Drinking contaminated water can lead to many infections and water-borne disease, which can be deadly. Thinking about consuming pure and filtered water, most of the people start buying bottled water ensuring that the drinking water is free from all impurities. However, you cannot confirm that bottled water is better for you because you don’t know how it is filtered. According to one of the posts on Times of India, researchers have found that bottled water is contaminated and it contains drug-resistant bacteria. Thus, using the best water purifier is the only option to drink pure water.

How to ensure you are Drinking Pure Water?

It is difficult to control the water quality as we pollute it very badly. However, it is possible to ensure that we drink pure water all time and this could be made possible by using water purifiers. Water Purifiers have been extraordinarily intended to remove every impurity from the water and deliver 100% pure and safe water to drink. With the best water purifier, you will be very sure about your drinking water since you know that it is safe from all harmful impurities.

Before going to the list of best water purifiers available in the market, we must understand the significance of pure drinking water. Many people don’t understand how drinking contaminated water can influence their wellbeing. Do you know, that there are more than two thousand cancer-causing elements that are present in the water? It ought to profoundly concern you that such a variety of cancer-causing chemicals are found in our drinking water. In light of the fact that in numerous areas there is 5 to 9 chemicals exhibit in every glass of water coming from the tap. So, it becomes very significant that you take care of your health and that starts by drinking pure and filtered water, which is possible by using a water purifier.

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Things to Know Before Buying Water Purifier For your Home

Below mentioned are few important points that you just need to know before buying the best water purifier

  • There are many water purifiers equipped with different water purification process, therefore, you must know which type of water purifier you need. You can choose from RO water purifier, UF water purifier, and UV water purifier. If your supplied water is hard then RO water purifier is the best option you can have. Whereas, UV water purifier and gravity based water purifier are suitable for areas having low TDS level.
  • You must know what kind of impurities the water purifier you choose is expelling. Since each type of purification process is capable of removing particular impurities, therefore, it is very important to know which type of impurities are found in your water. There are basically two types of impurities: organic impurities and inorganic impurities. The best choice should be the one which can effectively remove both types of impurities from your drinking water. You must buy water purifier that uses multi-stage purification process of RO+UV/UF to remove all kind of impurities.
  • Since during purification process, the essential minerals are also removed from the water. You must check is the water purifier you choose maintaining the natural essential minerals in it.
  • Another essential feature to check is the purification capacity of the water purifier. It is basically the speed at which the water purifier can produce pure water.
  • Check how proficient the water purifier is. Many of the RO water purifier waste ample amount of water, therefore, it is always suggested that you should always go for the water purifier that comes with saving water technology or less water wastage technology.

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Top 3 Best Water Purifier in India

To ensure that you buy the best water purifier, we have analyzed three best water purifiers of the season. We have checked all the important features like purification, storage, and durability after sales support and other attributes as well. After evaluating all the features, here we are providing you the list of 3 best water purifier that you can pick on your own choice. Kindly go through the features properly as this will help you to make the right decision in purchasing the purifier of your choice.

 1 Kent Ace Mineral RO-UV-UF2 Aquaguard Enhance RO-UV3 Pureit Marvella RO-UV
SpecificationAquaguard EnhancePureit marvella RO-UV
Price₹ 19,000/-₹ 18,999/-₹ 18,500/-
Purification ProcessRO-UV-UFRO-UVRO-UV
Storage Capacity7 L7 L10 L
Purification Capacity 15 litre/hour15 litre/hour12 litre/hour
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All the list of three water purifiers are well known for their performance, but Kent Ace Mineral RO water purifier has the highest number of customer satisfaction feedback. It has patented Mineral RO technology that retains the natural essential minerals and provides 100% pure and healthy water. The purifier has best filtration process that is RO+UV/UF that can remove all the impurities. Compared to other two water purifiers from the list, Kent Ace has TDS controller added in added in it that can help retain essential minerals in the water.

We have tried to provide you all possible details regarding the best water purifier that you can purchase. Hope this will help you to buy the best water purifier for your family. Since water is crucial for every human being its purity should be on high priority. So, bring home the best water purifier and drink contaminant-free water.

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