Know About Water Intoxication and The Symptoms 

Water Intoxication

We all know that water is very important and in the human body it ranges from 60% to 75%. The amount of water in the human brain is 75%, lungs compose 80% of water, 22% in bones, 83% in kidney READ MORE

Uses of Waste Water From RO Water Purifier

RO Waste Water Uses

RO purification is the most advanced water purification process. This purification process can effectively remove the salts and chemicals from the drinking water. These impurities can be very dangerous for our health if consumed. But did you know that during READ MORE

World Health Day: Drinking Water Can Help Overcome Depression

World Health Day - Drinking Water Can Help Overcome Depression

Depression is one of the leading causes of disability around the world and this year the theme of world health day is depression- let’s talk. The aim of this theme is to reach out and help people battling with this READ MORE