6 Major Points About Water Purifier You Need To Know

Facts about water purifiers and Purification Process

Drinking pure and clean water is the utmost need of all human beings. So, you should always ensure to do everything to drink pure and safe water and stay healthy. We all know the fact that most of the diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis A  etc. are caused due to the consumption of contaminated water. In India, we drink water that comes from the tap and is highly unfit for drinking. It is not just the tap water that you drink, you also drink supplied water and bottled water as well. Unfortunately, this water is used for cooking, during which you can play in the Austrian online casino. The water of poor quality sometimes affects the taste of food. But with different choices, how do select the best option. Well, the easiest option that every household should follow is to install best suitable water purifiers. This will help consume safe drinking water in order to live a healthy life.

Talking about water purifiers, you would find that the market is flooded with different brands of water purifiers that claim to provide the fresh and pure water. Therefore, it makes difficult for us to choose the top water purifiers for your home. Unlike any other appliances, the purchase of water purifier requires more attention as it is directly related to our health and safety of the people.

Key Facts You Need to Know about Water Purifier

Here, presenting you a guide that will help you to choose the top water purifiers that do not compromise the health of your loved ones.

Check the Quality of Water

Before you purchase any water purifier you should always check what kind of water is supplied to your home. If you find the water looks clean and the TDS level is at par with the required level but you just want to ensure that it is free from micro-organisms, you can use UV or UF water purifier. If the quality is not that good and it has more of dissolved water solids, then RO water purifier would be the best option.

So, depending on the quality of water, you can choose the water purifier accordingly. The water purifier must have the capability to purify that water efficiently so that you can drink 100% pure and safe water.

Purification Process

RO(Reverse Osmosis) Purification

RO Water Purification Process
RO Water Purification Process

If you are living in an area where you get the water which is saline or hard water. The TDS is very high, or you get the drinking water from borewell, tanks, or hand pump then you must go for the RO purifier. Because it is the most advanced technology of purification. RO purification can effectively remove heavy metals, fluoride, arsenic, lead and other toxin and dissolved salts present in water. However, a lot of minerals are also found in water which is important for human consumption. Consuming them in excess amount can cause many diseases. Therefore, always choose an RO purifier which can retain those minerals.

In India, Kent is the most trusted brand that has models added with TDS controller, which can not only provide the safe and clean water but also retains natural essential minerals of water.

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UV (Ultra Violet) Purification

UV Purification
UV Purification

In this process, UV radiation is used to kill the bacteria, virus & other harmful microorganisms. Water is passed through the UV radiation which kills all the bacteria making the water free from the infection. These impurities can bring many diseases like Cholera, Typhoid & Dysentery. The only problem with UV purifiers is, they are not able to remove the dissolved salts present in water.

UF (Ultra Filtration) process

UF purification process
UF Purification Process

In Ultrafiltration process UF membrane is used to purify the water. The pore size of the UF membrane is slightly larger than the RO membrane. Unlike RO & UV processes, it does not require electricity to operate. This technique can purify water containing germs, bacteria, cyst & other microbes present in water.


Most of the water purifiers come with a storage tank. It is an important feature to ensure the continuous supply of purified water in the absence of electricity. A water purifier with 7-8 liter storage tank will be sufficient for a small family.


Certification plays an important role in selecting the top water purifiers. It gives the assurance that the product has been thoroughly tested & comply with all the requirements of the testing standards.

NSF certified Water Purifier
NSF certified Water Purifier

NSF International: Choosing a product which is NSF certified ensures the strict standards of public health and safety from the renowned laboratory. In India, Kent is the only company which has received the NSF certification.

WQA Certification for Water Purifiers
WQA Certification for Water Purifiers

WQA:  Gold Seal Product Certification Program ensures that the water purifier is constructed from a safe material. It gives the customers peace of mind that a company is continuously monitored. It can only maintain certification if their manufacturing process remains consistent.

Maintenance & After Sale Service

Maintenance of every water purifiers is very important. Most of the customers complain about the poor after sales service of many brands. Therefore always buy a water purifier from a reputed brand with excellent after sales service.

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Warranty & Installation

Usually, most of the reputed brand offer free installation and one year warranty. But some of the brands charge extra money for installation. You should always check the warranty and the installation details while purchasing the water purifier.


These are the few aspects that you need to check if you want to purchase best water purifier for your home. There are many brands that market like KENT, Aquaguard, Pureit and etc. that you can look for your home. But it is always important that you check the above-mentioned points while purchasing the water purifier. You can also study the customer reviews of the selected product to ensure that you comprehend the pros and cons of the same model.

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