3 Best UV Water Purifiers For Home In India 2017

UV water Purifiers

Drinking clean water is a basic human need. But, are you sure the water you are drinking is 100% pure and free from contaminations? If you are not sure then be double sure by installing a water purifier. Purifying the water would let you drinking fresh, clean and pure water. This would also help you stay protected from various waterborne diseases. Access to clean drinking water can preserve the human health and let you stay away from health risks. To make sure that you remain safe from water-borne illness, using the best water purifier would be a good option. You would find that there are water purifiers that come with different purification technology like RO, UV & UF and all these are effective enough in removing the pathogens from water and making it 100% pure for consumption. Today, we will discuss on UV water purifier and how it works.

How does UV Water Purifier work?

UV Purification Process
UV Water Purification Process

The Ultraviolet water purifier can efficiently disinfect the bacteria from the supplied water and make it pure for consumption. The high power UV ray penetrates the harmful pathogens present in the water and destroys the illness-causing microorganisms. The UV rays destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms from water and attack the genetic core (DNA) of the micro-organisms thereby eliminating the ability to reproduce. The UV systems are recommended for the homeowners who suspect that the supplied water might contain different types of bacteria and viruses in it.

Some advantages of Ultraviolet Purification

  • UV water purifier does not use any chemicals for purification
  • It can effectively kill disease-causing microbes
  • High-quality UV Rays can destroy 99.99% of pathogens from raw water and de-activate the microorganisms as well
  • It can run on very little energy
  • The purifiers require very low maintenance

Three Best UV Water Purifiers to Buy for Home

It is due to the excellent purification method and advantages of UV Filters that people are installing UV water purifiers in their homes. You would find a wide range of UV water purifier in the market, but today, we would discuss on the three best UV water purifiers in India. Check the features and the specifications thoroughly, which will help you select the best one of your own preferences.

3 Best UV/UF Water Purifiers

KENT Maxx 7 Liters (UV+UF) Water Purifier

Under the list of the best UV+UF water purifiers, KENT Maxx is widely preferred because of its excellent purification technology. The high power 11 watts harnesses the power of UV and deactivates all the micro-organisms water and make it free of deadly bacteria and viruses. The model also has the Ultrafiltration membrane that blocks the impurities to pass into the pure water thereby providing 100% pure, safe & tasty drinking water, which is ideal for consumption. KENT Maxx water purifier is designed using ABS material that makes it durable and long-lasting. It is a wall-mounted model that is designed with detachable storage tank and this makes it easy to clean. The model is best suited for cleaning tap/municipal water supply. It is available online on different e-commerce portals like Flipkart & Amazon, where you can check the latest price and purchase it at affordable prices.

Kent Maxx UV+UF Water Purifier

Some of the features of KENT Maxx are mentioned below:

  • Double purification process that is UV and UF
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Auto on and Auto-off function
  • High Power 11 watt UV lamp
  • Transparent storage tank
  • 7 liters of water storing capacity
  • UV lamp fail indication
  • LED Indicator for Power ON
  • Tamper Proof UF Membrane

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Aquaguard Enhance 7 Liters (UV+UF) Water Purifier

Aquaguard Enhance is another water purifier that has Ultraviolet and Ultrafiltration purification technology. The model has 7 liters of water storing capacity and 15 liters/hours of filtration capacity. The purifier has Mineral Guard that helps in preventing deposition of salts like Calcium and Magnesium. The water purifier by removing all the impurities would be able to deliver healthy and safe drinking water that would be free from disease-causing pathogens. It also has Aquaguard Miracle Cartridge, which is an efficient purification mechanism. Water passed through both UV membrane and UF membrane and that works in removing all the contaminants present in it. You can check the price of the model at Flipkart and purchase if it suits your budget.

Aquaguard Enhance Water Purifier

Some of the features of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhancer are:

  • ABS Body construction
  • 7 liters of water storing capacity
  • Smart Indicator through LED light
  • Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer
  • 20 watt of Power Consumption

Tata Swach Viva Silver 6 Liters UV+UF Water Purifier

Under the range of UV water purifiers, Tata has also introduced Tata Swach Viva Silver that works on Ultraviolet and Ultrafiltration purification technology. It has four stage of purification and even voltage spike guard that protects the purifier from getting damaged. The model also has 6 liters of water storing capacity. Tata Swach Viva Silver also comes with Silver action inside that acts as a shield of purity. In addition to this the model also features user-friendly indicators, zero contamination concealed storage tank and ease operation. The ultraviolet (UV) rays deactivate the protozoa, bacteria, and viruses by damaging the genetic code and delivers pure and safe drinking water. The product is available on e-commerce portals like Flipkart and Amazon and can be bought at affordable prices.

Tata Swach Viva Water Purifier

Some of the features of Tata Swach Viva Silver are:

  • ABS Body material construction
  • The model has 0.01 Micron UF Membrane
  • It has advanced indication panel
  • It has UV fault indication

 Our Recommendation on Best UV Water Purifier in India

After observing and studying about the technical specification of the mentioned UV water purifiers in India, we found that KENT Maxx is one of the best models that you can install in your home. It is available at 7700/- INR on Flipkart and at 7496/- INR on Amazon. Tata Swach Viva is available at 6990/- INR in Flipkart, but it is no match with Kent Maxx because it has low water storing capacity and no transparent detachable tank. Besides, after reading the customer review, it has been studied, people are not happy with the after-sale services as well.

The next UV water purifier that we have listed is Aquaguard Enhance. The cost of this purifier is a bit high looking at the purification technology that is only UV and UF.  The model is available on Flipkart at 12,490 INR and that is a really high price. Will all its technical specifications present in Kent Maxx, you can purchase it at 7700 INR. Known for low maintenance and higher durability, KENT Maxx water purifier is available within the budget. Besides, it is a trusted water purifier brand that would ensure safe drinking water and let you stay free from waterborne diseases.

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  1. UV is an essential process in water purification. It is the cheap and efficient way to purifying the water as it helps to kills the bacteria. RO and UV water purifier is the best source of drinking water for home because it is the cheapest way for the best water.

  2. Yes, it’s true Raj. UV water Purifiers can deactivate/kill all the harmful pathogens. So, you remain safe from waterborne illnesses.

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